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On Wednesday the 4th of May 2011 on the walkside of via Schievano in Milan, near “Schievano-Bilbao” bus stop n°47, a 35 mm film was found, unrolled and abandoned. The film has been recovered and restored, then scanned. Inside, it is possible to find  six commercials of different products: Lega del filo d’oro, Lipton Tea Time, Diffusionetessile, Foxy Mega, Tantum Angelini, Groupama.

If we look at each single photogram, isolated from the narrative flow, the perception of these commercials radically changes and disturbing and almost grotesque new features seem to appear.

Stripped of their primary function –that is, building desire to induce consumption– the film clips form on the gallery’s wall the sentence “The more voices there are, the more spin there is”, taken from the script of the film “Diary of the Dead”, in which George A. Romero reflects on the role of the media within society through the clichés of horror movies.

Uttered by the male lead, who is seen collecting stories on how to survive the zombie epidemic, as the entire mainstream communication circuit has crashed down, those same words displayed inside the gallery seem to outline an ironic parallelism between consumers and the living dead, suggesting once again that the hope for salvation lies in an active and direct awakening of consciousness on the part of ordinary people.

Society depends on the Universe

Projekt stypendialny finansowany przez Warszawę - Dzielnicę Wawer.