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Commissioned for the first issue of the research magazine “ Archium” by Data-Sharing Archive, Just Like Arcadia describes the disintegration of a digital image through the manipulation of its jpg code. The image is a render of Garden Bridge (a planned architectural project by Thomas Heatherwick and symbol of London’s misuse of public funds), whose jpg code is progressively “corrupted” by inserting verses of the 1598 poem “Arcadia: Poem and Verses” by Lope de Vega.

The words of Lope de Vega describe an imaginary, idillic, landscape that seems to resonate with the vision of those behind the Garden Bridge project. A vision that is at odds with the many problems that London is currently facing.

Society depends on the Universe

Projekt stypendialny finansowany przez m.st. Warszawę - Dzielnicę Wawer.